Creating Movement With Audio Effects

Here’s another live stream from home

╭( ・ㅂ・)و ̑̑

Rather than speaking, I chose to simply create as I normally would, at my own speed, to show you how I actually do things (along with some written tips). 

A video of my hands and keyboard are included as well, so you can see how I actually work at the desk, in real-time.

In this video, I’m manipulating the feel, sound, and rhythm of a synth loop solely from simple audio effects.

I also flatten the audio to form a new audio loop to create with, for further manipulation and editing.

Do I actually Freeze Audio this quick when creating?

Yea, I actually do. The reason for this is to start working with a new sound right away. Once I flatten the audio, its like I have my own new audio loop and sample to create with, that is customized to my needs. (This saves a ton of CPU too!)

Think about it, if you start off with an audio sample of some sort, its already processed up until that point anyway, why not add some of your own touches to it, before moving on?

Do any of you flatten your audio as well, and do you like to do it quickly in the production phase, or later on during the mixing and editing portion? Let me know in the comments below (^_^)

And here's a new tune of mine where I apply these ideas in the synth track:

Josh Bessfree